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High Street Bank

With a very competitive market in the UK with the FinTech’s and challenger banks disrupting the banking industry since 2017 and the mobile digital channel becoming more prominent among customers , the bank have embarked on a digital transformation program to re-thinking the account onboarding and focusing on mobile-first.

The bank, which is currently reliant on branch and a web journey for acquisitions that is not mobile friendly, faces 4 key challenges:

- No acquisitions journey on the mobile channel

- Too many questions and length application for account opening

- Approx 3 days to account opening

- Not accessible 

The Product Strategy


- Internet Banking Registration Included 

- Digital ID&V

- Reduced question set - Challenge the bank to change policy

- AAA Accessible 

Untitled design.png

Research and Data as the heart of UX

It resonated very well with the client that we needed to make decisions customers would be receptive for. At the heart of every sprint the journey was tested to identify the possible pain points and ways to remediate the potential drop off points. With the traffic light system we could understand what those pain points could be a future proof the journey as much as we could.

In the past the bank had experienced some backlash with customers due to products that did not meet customers expectations, reason it was very important to know we were building the right thing for the right people. 

Performed user testing in every sprint


With 54 potential customers of the bank


In five Locations across the UK

Alongside nine quantitative experiments


Reaching  900 further participants

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Quantitative Experiments

Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more.

Roadmaps and Plans

Set everything from the ground up! As the flagship engagement for the digital transformation programme, everything from the ways of working to the team's structure and project and product management set-ups. A glance at all the work behind the scenes to get the machine running. Of course including visibility of the strategy for a long term products and features roadmap, DUH! ;)

TSB Strategic Onboarding Sprint Plan 070
Phase 2 Backlog and Roadmap V2 copy
shortterm roadmap
TSB Strategic Onboarding Sprint Plan 070

...then throw a little COVID-19 challenge


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